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The History of Balance

Since ancient times, several civilizations used metal alloys as aesthetic ornaments, adapting them in fanciful forms to be worn on the body. The Balance Bracelet is the modern version of this century old tradition.


The Balance Bracelet, originally manufactured in Spain, was first put on the market for sale, in Europe, in 1984 . Sales grew rapidly as more and more people told others about the Balance Bracelet

The May 2001 launch of the Balance Bracelet in the USA by Balance USA .
By January 2002, Balance USA had obtained the exclusive worldwide marketing and distribution rights for the Balance Bracelet. The stylized crown icon has become a symbol of good will worldwide.
For good reason the Balance Bracelet continues to grow in popularity thru dynamic "word of mouth" advertising.

Today there are many styles to choose from. The stylized choices give diverse options to our worldwide customer base and allow the modern Balance Bracelet to be a true fashion statement.

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