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Who Are We ?


Here we are again - this time offering the incredible Balance Bracelet to our customers. Why?

In 1995, Al and I (Marge) started our first internet business offering an amazing natural product CMO (cerasomal cis-9-cetyl myristoleate) combined with HPR ( a homeopathic arthritis pain reliever). This ideal combination not only provides relief for the minor pain of arthritis, it also promotes the normal, healthy structure and function of the joints.*

And CMO+HPR is truly unique. You take it for a couple of weeks and its effects often last for years.

Trying to find another product that was just as unique and desirable as CMO proved to be a tough act to follow. In the end, it happened that we didn’t find the new product, it found us.

In April 2002, a friend and neighbor stopped in and told me he was wearing something called a Balance Bracelet. Soon another neighbor, who is getting on in years, called to tell me she was wearing a Balance Bracelet. She loved it. I decided I should look into this Balance Bracelet stuff, so I ordered 12 bracelets and gave them to friends. One, a 46 year old personal trainer called a couple of weeks later to thank me for the bracelet. She was just as happy as others and wanted one for her husband.

Soon after trying the Balance Bracelet myself, I learned that the URL was for sale. I jumped at the opportunity to offer these incredible Balance Bracelets to those looking something new and different.

We are delighted to report that many of our customers let us know they are absolutely pleased with their Balance Bracelet Purchase. We offer a generous 100% purchase price refund. (See our Refund Policy section for details.)


Call 800 224 8912 (EST 8AM -8PM) to order or email us at if you have questions or concerns.


Marge Berger, CEO

Al Berger, CFO

      *The manufacturer makes no claim that there is a scientific consensus regarding this product. The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The Balance Bracelet is a non-medical device.
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